Start Up & Beyond: Why Profitability Matters
Profit Building · 15. May 2024
Being a for profit business means your focus is on growing a business that is profitable. Seems like a "duh" statement, doesn't it? Then why isn't this understood from the very beginning?

Calculated Risk: Aligning Accountability, Productivity, and Profitability
Next Level Strategy · 11. March 2024
One of the challenges every business experiences is getting team members and processes in alignment to embrace and mitigate risk. Whether it is determined to be worthy and necessary for providing service offerings or to realize desired outcomes, a risk becomes more calculated when minimizing it can be monitored and measured every step of the way.

It's 2024: Make it about THIS!
Next Level Strategy · 30. January 2024
Savvy entrepreneurial businesses know that what matters most is demonstrated by the choices and decisions that are made on a daily basis in business to be one step ahead of any challenge or opportunity.

Limiting beliefs: What is your suspension bridge?
Momentum Building · 30. October 2023
A limiting mindset can halt progress and cause doubt. Getting to the other side means being aware it is happening, and then overcoming why it is happening.

Small Successes = Steppingstones to WOW
Momentum Building · 01. August 2023
A look back at any successful business owner’s story reveals a series of small successes that served to pave the way as steppingstones to more success.

Is a commodity mindset killing your business? Here’s how to differentiate yourself.
Next Level Strategy · 15. June 2023
There are four reasons a commodity mindset occurs in business, and in every instance, these reasons should be viewed as warning signs that it’s time for a strategic re-focus

Is your strategy protecting you enough?
Next Level Strategy · 15. March 2023
Do you have a strategy that is truly protecting and nurturing the best interests and opportunities for your company?

In 2023 … make it about THIS versus THAT.
Momentum Building · 02. January 2023
The key to good decision-making is being in the right mindset. Too often decisions are made from uninformed or misguided thinking, resulting in a "wish I would have known then what I know now."

5 Negative Impacts of a Codependent Business
Value Building · 31. October 2022
The independence of owning and building a company can become sabotaged when your business becomes unintentionally codependent. Learn how your business may be codependent and what you can do.

Branding: Preferred, Not Just Different
Next Level Strategy · 23. September 2022
Branding is not a marketing initiative. Branding done effectively is a strategic operational initiative. It helps drive your business forward to excel against competition in ways most businesses totally miss. It helps you become the preferred choice.

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