5 Negative Impacts of a Codependent Business
Value Building · 31. October 2022
The independence of owning and building a company can become sabotaged when your business becomes unintentionally codependent. Learn how your business may be codependent and what you can do.

Branding: Preferred, Not Just Different
Next Level Strategy · 23. September 2022
Branding is not a marketing initiative. Branding done effectively is a strategic operational initiative. It helps drive your business forward to excel against competition in ways most businesses totally miss. It helps you become the preferred choice.

Profitability Quotient: What COVID Business  Failures Confirmed
Momentum Building · 22. August 2022
Many businesses that closed and never re-opened during the pandemic are blaming their demise on COVID's disruption. The harsh reality is they were operating on fumes and being managed poorly long before the pandemic could be their excuse.

The New Workforce Paradigm: COVID's Aftermath
Team Building · 12. July 2022
Recruiting and retaining talent and skillsets has been forever changed due to COVID's wrath on business as usual. If you want to attract and keep talent, heed the reality that everything you thought has changed.

Fall Back in Love with Your Business
Momentum Building · 14. June 2022
Burnout is a surefire sign you are or already have fallen out of love with your business. And as a business owner, that is torture because you are the only one you can blame. So what can you do? Plenty!

Customer Building · 15. March 2022
When it comes to reaching your ideal customer, marketing and sales activity is ultimately focused on reaching the decision maker and those who are most likely to purchase the product or service. After all, if you have the decision maker and purchaser interested, then it is pretty much a done deal, right? Wrong. Part of the reason you may not be effectively reaching and connecting with those who will ultimately buy your offerings is because you have missed the mark in reaching and connecting...

15. January 2022
Being an agile, quick-on-your-feet business owner is why you are still able to conduct business amidst this economic storm we are all still navigating through. The ability to flex and adapt is what has always made America’s entrepreneurs the foundation of economic recovery. Just as important as your agility is your capability in knowing what is in the best interests of your customer to the point of inflexibility. What … you might be asking? Inflexibility? In working with entrepreneurial...

15. September 2021
Watch anyone who knows how to juggle three balls or more, and they make it look so easy. We are in awe of them and think how great it would be to have that kind of control and ease in what we do. We are entertained by them and enjoy the fact that they quite clearly find what they are doing entertaining and fun as well. What makes a juggler so impressive is that he or she is in total control of the elements being juggled without having his or her hands on them every single minute. Now think to...

Value Building · 15. June 2021
Too often businesses believe just having a distinctive image in their visual presence is enough to set them apart. While visual branding can certainly help a business stand out from its competitors on a first-impression basis, if there are no further distinguishing qualities differentiating what is being offered, then the prospect can be lost as quickly as he or she was initially impressed. In other cases, businesses actually have intellectual property, and are not effectively presenting and...

Next Level Strategy · 15. March 2021
Impatience has served entrepreneurs well, resulting in innovations and solutions to help us do almost anything faster. As a result of our impatience, we entrepreneurs expect everything to happen fast and according to our preconceived notions of when a desired result should be achieved. With our expectations high, we can reach lows easily when a particular result has not been realized as we had hoped. Too often, business owners get into a mindset of building and then not continuing to build with...

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