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IP for Thought Leaders & Innovators

Could your expertise or key aspects of differentiation become a product, publication, system, program or tool that could change business or the world for the better? Our IP solutions division, GreenCastleIP, focuses on identifying, developing and protecting intellectual property of enlightened business thought leaders and  enterprising companies.


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Learning That Inspires Action

Want to stimulate business growth through each team member leveraging their unique strengths and competencies inside and outside of your company? Seeking to gain knowledge and become a Certified Growth StrategistTM? Interested in learning what every high growth business is doing to realize sustainable, value-building growth?


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What is your suspension bridge?

October 30, 2023

A limiting mindset can halt progress and cause doubt. Getting to the other side means being aware it is happening, and then overcoming why it is happening. Here, CEO and founder, Sherre' DeMao, shares how fear set in during a resent adventure, inspiring this blog that others can learn from.


Steppingstones to WOW!

August 1, 2023

A look back at any successful business owner’s story reveals a series of small successes that served to pave the way as steppingstones to more success. Here, CEO and founder, Sherre' DeMao, shares her love of gardening and some profound analogies to celebrating small successes when building a business.