CRISP360® Growth for Economic Vitality & Value Building

Are you growing your organization from the inside out or the outside in? How are you empowering all the people connected with your organization to help you take you to your next level? Whether you have employees or subcontractors, are a services or products business or a charitable or nonprofit entity, you cannot escape people. Your customers are people. Your employees and suppliers are people. Your stakeholders are people. The bottom line is a business cannot run effectively or survive without people. When you multiply yourself as the leader times the people who work with you and for you, times the people you serve, if managed and motivated correctly, the exponential possibilities for your continued growth are unlimited.


Can you adapt quickly and effect change in a positive, inspired way? Are you building momentum with your short-term and long-term strategy? Are you leveraging your income, profits and people in the right way for scaling and sustaining your operations?


Our CRISP360 Growth initiatives help you effectively navigate scaling your company:


C =   POWER of building Culture, Capacity & Competency
R =   POWER of being Resourceful, Responsible, & Recognized
I  =   POWER of being Insightful, Inspired & Innovative
S =   POWER of being Strategic, Successful, & Significant
P =   POWER of being Purposeful, Productive & Profitable

Engaging, High-Performing Sustainable Growth

In 1957, the average age
of a company on the S&P 500
was 75 years.


Today, the average age is 15 years!


The cure is a high-engagement,
high-performance corporate culture!


What does it take to be a company of endurance?  Our CURx2 proprietary assessment includes 91 points of analysis that confirm the reality of your corporate culture. 


Ask yourself:

  • Are your people united and passionate about serving your customers as a high-performance team?
  • Are you reaching your performance goals across ALL aspects of your company?
  • Is your company agile and resilient in
    its ability to overcome  marketplace, economic,  competitive or unforeseen challenges?

(IQ + EQ + VQ) x PQ = Economic Vitality & Prosperity