GreenCastleIP - Proprietary Solutions for Thought Leaders & Enterprises


Could your expertise or key aspects of differentiation become a product, publication, system, program or tool that could change business or the world for the better? Our IP solutions division, GreenCastle, focuses on bringing intellectual property of enlightened business thought leaders into tangible reality.


GreenCastleIP evolved as a result of witnessing something that was missing in the marketplace  ... a turnkey resource for thought leaders, experts and industry or business model game changers to help them transform their knowledge, experience and approach into tangible and differentiating products, programs, publications, systems and tools. 


For thought leaders, we like to call it "productizing your expertise," but you will call it exciting as we transform what is in your head into a tangible, money-making and legacy-leaving asset.  For businesses, we call it turning intangible assets into tangible ROI and competitive advantage.


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