Co-hosting Local Biz Now - Sept 2017

BizGrowth Inc

It's evolution to what it is today, lessons learned, and best practices followed.

Managing Pet Projects

A discussion from an Inc. Magazine article on how to know when to kill it or take a pet project to another level. 


Online Tips for Local Results

An article discussion of what your small business may be missing in your online presence. 


To Scale or Not to Scale

This discussion is about an Inc. Magazine article and the importance of the basics before scaling too fast. 

Shiny Object Syndrome

From Inc Magazine, this article discussion hits on how to manage the pinball, Tazmanian devil effects of ideas, ideas everywhere!

When Your Offering's a Commodity

This discussion is based on an article Sherre' wrote entitled, "Is a Commodity Mindset Killing Your Business."

Why Jargon Hurts Business

An article discussion about how acronyms and jargon hurts more than helps in communicating or promoting a business.