BizGrowth Inc is proud to commit its operational resources, expertise and talent to The Victory Advantage for 2023 through 2026. 


Our in-kind support of a this nonprofit is dedicated to helping take its mission and vision to its next level of impact. The Victory advantage strives to provide pathways of hope and opportunity for successful living beyond limitations to highly functioning adults with cognitive or physical challenges. The Victory Advantage's goal is to help these individuals live with dignity, independence and confidence as contributors to society and a part of the community.  


Making a Difference Feels GRRRRRREAT!


In every strategy we develop for clients, there is a component of giving back. Why? Because we believe giving back is the greatest form of appreciation that can be expressed by a successful business. 


Over our 30+ years of being in business, we have made giving back a way of business. To follow are those who have benefited from the gift of our time, talent, goods, services and/or financial support.  While we may have inadvertently omitted a few (we're talking over 30 years here!), we are grateful to have been able to make a difference in small and significant ways for so many organizations.