MM&I Institute - Learning That Inspires Action, Gets Results


Established in 2015, our MM&I Institute was inspired by more than two decades of teaching business owners and their employees how to be effective strategists, operators and marketers day-in an day-out. It is at the heart of what makes us unlike any other firm serving small to mid-market business.


Training and education materials have been at the core of how we ensured plans get implemented and strategies are embraced. In the mid 2000's, we intended to have guided more than 100,000 entrepreneurs across the nation by year-end 2008. In July 2008, our goal was achieved with more than 200,000 entrepreneurs across the country benefiting as a result of our founder's expertise and know-how informing and educating entrepreneurs through one-on-one consulting, training at Small Business Centers, countless events and on-location, as well as articles and columns published locally, regionally and nationally. Today, BizGrowth Inc's founder, Sherre' DeMao, is taking its knowledge and validated best practices across the country to millions, earning additional accolades as a Forbes Thought Leader.


Our most popular training programs for emerging leaders, leadership retreats, keynotes, and workshops offered through the MM&I Institute include:



  • The Accountability Advantage: Embracing the Ball is Always in Your Court (1-2 hours)
  • Calculated RISK: Aligning Accountability, Productivity and Profitability (1 - 2  hours)
  • SMARTer Goal Getting: Achievement through Team Engagement ( 90 minutes)
  • CRISP360®: Operations Intro (1 hr)
  • 360 Branding: Preferred, Not Just Different (3-4 hrs)
  • Building Preference Through Process (2 hr)
  • Innovation & Creative Problem Solving (2 hr)
  • Do You Know How Much Time is Costing You? (2 hr)
  • Pricing for Profit (2-4 hr)
  • Profit Mining (2-4 hr)
  • Everyone's A Profit Center (2-4 hr)
  • Investment vs. Expense (2-4 hr)
  • Productizing Your Expertise (2-4 hr)
  • Power of IP: From Business Owner to Entrepreneur to Shareholder to SOLD! (4 hr)



  • CRISP360®: Marketing Intro (1 hr)
  • Customer Relations: Objection to Attraction (8 hr)
  • Referral Relations: Return on Referral Beyond Customers (4 hr)
  • Internet Presence: eBuzz to eProfits (4 hr)
  • Strategic Involvements: Making a Difference for Lasting Impact (4 hrs)
  • The PR Factor: Putting Muscle in Your Marketing (4 hr)
  • Out Think Your Competition & Explode $ales (4 hr)
  • 3 Market Analysis Priorities to Drive Profitability (4 hr)


  • CRISP360®: Growth Intro (1 hr)
  • Me, Myself & Inc. Intro (90 minutes)
  • Are You the Leader You Think You Are? (1 - 3 hr)
  • Overcoming Wishful & Fearful Thinking (4 hr)
  • Getting To Aha!: Values-based Goal Setting and Decision Making (4 hr)
  • Opportunities Assessment: Leveraging Optimism with Reality (2 hr)
  •  The High Five Factor: Inspiring Action & Passion Among Team & Peers (4 hr)
  • Corporate Cure:  A High Performance, High Engagement Company That Will Last (8 hr)
  • Leading Your Culture (4 hr)
  • Leveraging YOUniqueness (4 hr)
  • People & Profits: Why Everyone's Time Matters in Business
  • 4 Critical Factors for Economic Vitality & Profitability (4 hr)
  • DIY Trademark/Service Mark: Protecting Your Genius & Uniqueness (12 hours)


NEW! BECOME CERTIFIED! The MM&I Institute will be offering the following certifications to enhance C-Suite or consultants' credentials, knowledge and advancement.

  • Certified Marketing Strategist
  • Certified Operations Strategist (Requires completion of Marketing level)
  • Certified Growth Strategist (Requires completion of the Marketing and Operations levels)

More details to come!