30 Years of Growing Entrepreneurial Businesses


Since 1984, BizGrowth Inc has been helping entrepreneurial companies achieve next-level growth and value-building worth through providing creative and innovative guidance, solutions and strategic positioning and implementation services.  Based near Charlotte, North Carolina, BizGrowth Inc has quickly established its presence as the place to go for businesses seeking to set themselves apart within the competitive marketplace. Recognized as an entrepreneurial best-practices leader, BizGrowth Inc has guided more than 200,000 entrepreneurs across the country as a result of founder Sherre' DeMao's unique consulting approach, training, and thought-leading perspectives on how entrepreneurs can and continue to create economic vitality locally, regionally and nationally.


BizGrowth Inc is a leading-edge entrepreneurial enterprise helping entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive!

  • Introduced Calculated Risk Model for Enhanced Profitability & Performance (2020)
  • Introduced SMARTer Goal Getting & Engagement for Team Performance (2019)
  • Rebranded as BizGrowth Inc (2017)
  • Introduced Economic Vitality - A Model Formula for Exponential Growth (2016)
  • Introduced IBTM Income-Based Time Management (2016)
  • Consultancy Award by Corporate Vision Magazine (2015)
  • Established MM&I Institute for next level enterprise learning (2015)
  • Introduced CRISP360 Growth (2015)
  • Introduced Attraction/Retention Model for Customers and Employees (2012)
  • Introduced CURx2 - Corporate Culture Assessment and Engagement Program (2012)
  • Evolved into an Operational Performance & Growth Strategy Firm (2011)
  • Introduced ProfitSizing Profitability Analysis (2010)
  • Established GreenCastleIP for Thought Leaders division in (2009)
  • Introduced CRISP360 Operations for high-growth enterprise building (2008)
  • Top 50 Most Enterprising Women-Owned Businesses in North America (2007)
  • Introduced CRISP360 Marketing, validating what works and doesn't (2004)
  • Introduced Synergy Goal Setting Model for Life Prosperity (2006)
  • Addition of training division to entrepreneurs and employees (2004)
  • CEO earns coveted Woman Business Owner of the Year (1997)
  • Growth to full-service marketing and branding strategy firm by 1990, renamed SLD Unlimited
  • Established in 1984 as Continental Graphiques