Momentum Building

Limiting beliefs: What is your suspension bridge?
Momentum Building · 30. October 2023
A limiting mindset can halt progress and cause doubt. Getting to the other side means being aware it is happening, and then overcoming why it is happening.

Small Successes = Steppingstones to WOW
Momentum Building · 01. August 2023
A look back at any successful business owner’s story reveals a series of small successes that served to pave the way as steppingstones to more success.

In 2023 … make it about THIS versus THAT.
Momentum Building · 02. January 2023
The key to good decision-making is being in the right mindset. Too often decisions are made from uninformed or misguided thinking, resulting in a "wish I would have known then what I know now."

Profitability Quotient: What COVID Business  Failures Confirmed
Momentum Building · 22. August 2022
Many businesses that closed and never re-opened during the pandemic are blaming their demise on COVID's disruption. The harsh reality is they were operating on fumes and being managed poorly long before the pandemic could be their excuse.

Fall Back in Love with Your Business
Momentum Building · 14. June 2022
Burnout is a surefire sign you are or already have fallen out of love with your business. And as a business owner, that is torture because you are the only one you can blame. So what can you do? Plenty!

Momentum Building · 15. June 2020
How are you using electronic communications to reinforce your story to customers and prospects? The first thing you can safely assume is that everyone is inundated with email communications. You have literally a glance of a second to capture your targeted reader’s attention. The key to successful eZines, eBlasts and eCommunications is interest, relevancy, consistency, interactivity and authentic inclusion. 1. Generating Interest: One of the first mistakes I see in most eZines, eBlasts or...

Momentum Building · 01. April 2017
Too often, owners and managers operate their businesses in silos that cause many opportunities to be overlooked. Accounting focuses only on accounting. Operations focuses only on operations. Marketing focuses only on traditional sales and promotion. Safety and maintenance only focuses on safety and maintenance. I could go on and on. High growth companies understand that each area of the business is a spoke on a wheel that works in tandem to truly keep opportunities flowing in and turning into...

Momentum Building · 01. June 2016
Customer Attraction/Retention: Part II of II - In Part I, I covered the key aspects that are important to gaining interest and the ultimate purchase from a prospective customer. These included: Convenience factors of location, accessibility and time; soundness of offerings and capabilities; track record in business; accuracy and reliability; and value for time and money spent. Getting a customer to purchase from you initially may seem like the most critical hurdle to leap over. However, what...

Momentum Building · 01. December 2015
Part II of II - I find many business owners confuse a strategy with a plan, and they are not the same. A plan focuses on action and tactical activities. A strategy focuses on vision, purpose, differentiation, advantage, goals, objectives and desired outcomes.It then includes the necessary plans to accomplish these outcomes.Too many businesses do not have the necessary strategy behind their plans. The end result is either a plan that never gets implemented, is marginally successful or totally...

Momentum Building · 01. August 2015
As we are a month into the second half of the fiscal year for most businesses, savvy business owners are already planning for the year ahead, along with continuing to look 3 to 5 years ahead strategically. For decades, the norm for situation analysis within a business plan and strategy is to use SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) as a basis for making strategic decisions and prioritizing action. Too often, however, specifically the weaknesses and threats are not effectively...

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