Next Level Strategy

Calculated Risk: Aligning Accountability, Productivity, and Profitability
Next Level Strategy · 11. March 2024
One of the challenges every business experiences is getting team members and processes in alignment to embrace and mitigate risk. Whether it is determined to be worthy and necessary for providing service offerings or to realize desired outcomes, a risk becomes more calculated when minimizing it can be monitored and measured every step of the way.

It's 2024: Make it about THIS!
Next Level Strategy · 30. January 2024
Savvy entrepreneurial businesses know that what matters most is demonstrated by the choices and decisions that are made on a daily basis in business to be one step ahead of any challenge or opportunity.

Is a commodity mindset killing your business? Here’s how to differentiate yourself.
Next Level Strategy · 15. June 2023
There are four reasons a commodity mindset occurs in business, and in every instance, these reasons should be viewed as warning signs that it’s time for a strategic re-focus

Is your strategy protecting you enough?
Next Level Strategy · 15. March 2023
Do you have a strategy that is truly protecting and nurturing the best interests and opportunities for your company?

Branding: Preferred, Not Just Different
Next Level Strategy · 23. September 2022
Branding is not a marketing initiative. Branding done effectively is a strategic operational initiative. It helps drive your business forward to excel against competition in ways most businesses totally miss. It helps you become the preferred choice.

Next Level Strategy · 15. March 2021
Impatience has served entrepreneurs well, resulting in innovations and solutions to help us do almost anything faster. As a result of our impatience, we entrepreneurs expect everything to happen fast and according to our preconceived notions of when a desired result should be achieved. With our expectations high, we can reach lows easily when a particular result has not been realized as we had hoped. Too often, business owners get into a mindset of building and then not continuing to build with...

Next Level Strategy · 15. January 2019
Businesses that create value for customers and for potential investors understand the importance of defining and continually refining their approach to business for documented and replicable success. Are you giving enough thought and attention to how you approach running your business as a competitive advantage? Here are steps to take to better define your approach at critical success levels within your company for competitive advantage: 1. Business Approach: One of the most telling questions I...

Next Level Strategy · 15. September 2018
Confirming your company’s distinctions is critical to your business growth and increased value in the marketplace. Too many companies fall short in this area, even though on the surface level, they may believe they have distinguished themselves. The key is to set your company apart from competitors in a compelling, customer-centric way. Here are steps to take to create depth of distinction in your company: 1. Ask & Listen: Ask and listen to what people are saying and thinking. Better yet,...

Next Level Strategy · 01. June 2017
Too many business executives believe, wrongly, that differentiation requires blazing new paths or innovating something from nothing. Instead, paying attention to trends can help you differentiate and identify needs and opportunities like nothing else can. Being a “trend getter” is a best-kept secret among high-growth companies, with executives envisioning new ways to approach and leverage what already exists. Here are some ways to make "trend getting" an ongoing initiative in your company....

Next Level Strategy · 01. March 2016
Too many businesses, in an effort to compete, miss the mark in what it takes to truly differentiate themselves. If you are using your competition as a template for what you think you should be doing, then you will always be following, and will more likely get left in the dust of "not knowing what you didn't know."Companies that truly excel against competition are willing to put their offerings and how they approach doing business on the line. These businesses are willing to be disruptive, and...

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