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Is a commodity mindset killing your business? Here’s how to differentiate yourself.
Next Level Strategy · 15. June 2023
There are four reasons a commodity mindset occurs in business, and in every instance, these reasons should be viewed as warning signs that it’s time for a strategic re-focus

Next Level Strategy · 01. June 2017
Too many business executives believe, wrongly, that differentiation requires blazing new paths or innovating something from nothing. Instead, paying attention to trends can help you differentiate and identify needs and opportunities like nothing else can. Being a “trend getter” is a best-kept secret among high-growth companies, with executives envisioning new ways to approach and leverage what already exists. Here are some ways to make "trend getting" an ongoing initiative in your company....

Next Level Strategy · 01. April 2015
Walking into a Main Street gallery gift shop, I was greeted by its associate who asked, "How may I help you?" My answer, the same answer most likely you have given on countless occasions, "No thank you. I'm just looking." Instead of the usual, "Okay, just let me know if you have any questions," this associate literally seemed to get excited!He leaped out from behind the counter and said, "I have just the thing for you!" He returned with a card that offered a "Just Looking" discount on my...

Momentum Building · 01. March 2013
During down economic times, more reinvention occurs than new inventions as companies are forced to look inside their operations to determine what must change or evolve in order to continue to grow. Ask any business owner who sees the other side of any challenge and he or she will claim wholeheartedly that the shift they made was something they should have done sooner, but just needed that challenge to see its true opportunity. Business owners can also go awry when reinventing. Here are five...